Digital Jump Rope

$18.99 $27.20
Our training rope frees you from having to worry about limited space, it is safe, quiet and easy to use.

Configurable length: Our skipping rope can be adapted to different groups of people. The skipping rope is 9.52 feet / 290 cm in length and can be adjusted.

You can adjust the rope to the most comfortable length. Or, if there is not enough space, you can use the wireless skip mode.
The skipping rope handle is made of ABS, and the surface is non-slip. It prevents you from slipping during exercise. ABS material makes the handle easy to clean and does not absorb sweat. When needed, simply clean the surface with an alcohol wipe.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor sports, cordless mode can be selected for small indoor space, and corded for outdoor, which is convenient and saves space.